All fans of high-quality music will be delighted, for the brilliant concert of international trio of Patrizia Ferrara (voice), Danny Grissett (piano), and Tomáš Baroš (double-bass), is at hand. Classical jazz in all his shapes and ways, played with elegance, grace, and panache. And in legendary Reduta, which gives a new dimension to every jazz concert with its authentic way.

Danny Grissett is one of the most promising New York pianist, known for his delicate technique. Every music star has to work hard to achieve his dreams – and Danny was no difference. He played piano since age five – and when he came to Thelonious Monk Institute, „a factory of talents,“ in 2001, he has already played with the best jazzmen. Let’s mention Barry Harris, Herbie Hancock, Terence Blanchard, Kenny Barron, Bobby Watson or Jimmy Heath. He has spended another years of his successful by making several new CDs, all of them considered to be little sensations on the New York jazz scene. Danny has traveled all around the world, from South Africa to Columbia, from Japan to France. During his career, he was a partner for the stars of the stars, The Mingus Big Band, Marcus Strickland, Steve Nelson, Roye Hargrove.

Patrizia Ferrara is a singer of unbelievable charisma and charm. je zpěvačkou nevšedního půvabu a charisma. Her peculiar singing contains all elements of classical jazz, but also other forms of European music and German jazz tradition. She is working with Danny Grissett and singer Dean Bowman since 2005, and they have astonished the audience during their American tour. Patrizia was a jewel of many important clubs and festivals all around the world, for example Blue Note NYC, Brooklyn Academy Of Music NYC, Joe Zawinul's Birdland, Austrian General Consul Rabat Morocco 2013 &2015, Le Pietri Rabat Morocco, Porgy & Bess, Vienna City Festival 2004, and many others.

Tomáš Baroš is a real master of Czech double-bass playing. He was a jazz enthusiast since his youth, and has played with many important Czech jazzmen, for example Emil Viklický, or Radovan Tariška. In 2003, Tomáš has won International Junior Jazz award, and is praised ever since. In 2012, he's won the International Jazz Prix Competition Award for his elegant play, and has recorded more than 40 CDs as a sideman. In this moment, Tomáš plays together with Gene Jackson, Brian Charrett, Tony Lakatos, Joe Cohn, Kalman Oláh, or Paul Bollenback.



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