Andy Schofield & FUT Band


After the return of an Eastern Europe back to the cultural existence of the odern world, many less known bands have became quite known. The avantgarde of those musicians were bands like František Uhlíř Team (F.U.T.). They have started to play in 1987, when bass-player František Uhlíř, has chosen his band carefully. The chamber music of F.U.T. is well-balanced and perfectly coordinated, so every musician can get his best during the concert. Figuratively speaking, the music of F. U. T. is a living organism - František Uhlíř (bass) is its soul, David Vrobel (saxophone) voice, Adam Tvrdý (guitar) construction, and Jaromír Helešic (drumms) heart.



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Narodni 20
Prague 1
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Czech Republic

tel.: +420 224 933 487

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