International Band of Luboš Soukup /DE, DK, CZ/

modern jazz, international quartet

International project Luboš Soukup Quartet has started its existence in Spring 2011 in Copenhagen. The band has found a peculiar connection between Scandinavian and Central European jazz style. Their repertoire consists of their leader's compositions, and is added by improvisation parts that comes from new and interesting free jazz way. The stable rhythmic part of the project is made by Danish double-bass player Christian Haxholm Jensen and experienced Danish drummer Morten Hæsum. They are both top Scandinavian players, and they are well known in whole Europe. The quartet is completed by German pianist Christian Pabst, who has met Luboš on their studies in Copenhagen. This wonderful and poetical musicians is currently residing in Netherlands.


29/05 201821:30
29/05 201821:30



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