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The 39th International Jazz Festival Prague brings the greatest jazz stars from all around the world. All concerts will be hosted by legendary Reduta Jazz Club, voted by prestigious journal The Guardian as one of the top 10 jazz clubs in Europe. Every genre will be played, from blues and dixieland to classical and fusion jazz. And every fan of good music will be utterly satisfied.

International trio Cissokho-Brönnimann-Hason will provide a magnificent concert. The audience will hear huge variety of exotic musical instruments, from African harph, to oriental percussion, in a perfect accord and played by professionals. Unique jazz concert of Patrizia Ferrara & Danny Grissett Trio consists of sweet voice of madame Ferrara, brilliant piano play of Danny Grissett, and excellent double-bass solos of Tomáš Baroš. Magnificent American drummer Gene Jackson, member of Herbie Hancock’s trio, will satisfy anyone hoping to hear all kind of genres. Master of scat, remarkable singer and multi-instrumentalist, that’s Michael Mayo, accompanied by great pianist Marek Novotný. Truly monumental will be a concert of jazz diva Marianne Solivan and Austrian jazz pianist Walter Fischbacher. From distant Bali, the beauty and incredible talent will come, embodied by amazing singer Dian Pratiwi. And for the admirers of great music bands the festival offers East West European Jazz Orchestra, full of musicians from both Western and Eastern Europe. The big band will connect the ethnic music and elements of classical jazz.  

Every fan of the Czech jazz will be satisfied, for the festival will present legends of Czech jazz. From Milan Svoboda, one of the best Czech pianists and composers, to Jan Hasenöhrl with his project Tribute To Head Hunters. Jan is a glorious trumpeter and founder of Czech National Symphonic Orchestra Also, get ready for Prague Big Band, conducted by Milan Svoboda. It is one of the oldest and most famous Czech big bands in existence. Blues enthusiasts will adore the concert of Charlie Slavík Revue & The Rhythm Girls. And an international connection will be heard at the concert of MUH Trio of amazing bassist František Uhlíř, and Italian pianist Robert Magris.

The whole festival is organised by the oldest Czech arts agency, Pragokoncert Bohemia, a. s.
The tickets shall are available online via online applications GOOUT and TICKETPORTAL, or in Reduta Jazz Club at the address Národní 116/20, Praha 1, Czech Republic. For a reservation, please call the number +420 224 933 487 or contact us on the e-mail adress


All fans of high-quality music will be delighted, for the brilliant concert of international trio of Patrizia Ferrara (voice), Danny Grissett (piano), and Tomáš Baroš (double-bass), is at hand. Classical jazz in all his shapes and ways, played with elegance, grace, and panache. And in legendary Reduta, which gives a new dimension to every jazz concert with its authentic way.

Danny Grissett is one of the most promising New York pianist, known for his delicate technique. Every music star has to work hard to achieve his dreams – and Danny was no difference. He played piano since age five – and when he came to Thelonious Monk Institute, „a factory of talents,“ in 2001, he has already played with the best jazzmen. Let’s mention Barry Harris, Herbie Hancock, Terence Blanchard, Kenny Barron, Bobby Watson or Jimmy Heath. He has spended another years of his successful by making several new CDs, all of them considered to be little sensations on the New York jazz scene. Danny has traveled all around the world, from South Africa to Columbia, from Japan to France. During his career, he was a partner for the stars of the stars, The Mingus Big Band, Marcus Strickland, Steve Nelson, Roye Hargrove.

Patrizia Ferrara is a singer of unbelievable charisma and charm. je zpěvačkou nevšedního půvabu a charisma. Her peculiar singing contains all elements of classical jazz, but also other forms of European music and German jazz tradition. She is working with Danny Grissett and singer Dean Bowman since 2005, and they have astonished the audience during their American tour. Patrizia was a jewel of many important clubs and festivals all around the world, for example Blue Note NYC, Brooklyn Academy Of Music NYC, Joe Zawinul's Birdland, Austrian General Consul Rabat Morocco 2013 &2015, Le Pietri Rabat Morocco, Porgy & Bess, Vienna City Festival 2004, and many others.

Tomáš Baroš is a real master of Czech double-bass playing. He was a jazz enthusiast since his youth, and has played with many important Czech jazzmen, for example Emil Viklický, or Radovan Tariška. In 2003, Tomáš has won International Junior Jazz award, and is praised ever since. In 2012, he's won the International Jazz Prix Competition Award for his elegant play, and has recorded more than 40 CDs as a sideman. In this moment, Tomáš plays together with Gene Jackson, Brian Charrett, Tony Lakatos, Joe Cohn, Kalman Oláh, or Paul Bollenback.


Most of the drummers adopt the style and get used to it – but that’s not the case of Gene Jackson. His every performance is unique, he is simply adjusting the tempo and genre of his colleagues. As he said: I follow where the music takes me as opposed to dictating where the music goes."…I follow where the music takes me as opposed to dictating where the music goes.“

Gene, born in 1961, was among others best musicians of his generation from the very start. Even at Berklee College of Music in Boston, his roommate and later co-worker was Branford Marsalis, Marvin Smith or Billy Kilson. He had moved to New Yorl later and during next ten years he was getting his reputation among the best player from the West Coast of the USA. Hugh Masekeal, Greg Osby, Terence Blanchard, Andrew Hill and dozens of others were pleased to meet Jackson’s enthusiasm and professionality. No concert was a routine for him, he has been stylish, inovative and simply perfect from the beginning.

In 1991, Gene has met a bassist Dave Hollander, and they have collaborated for the next ten years in one of the greatests jazz trios of their time: The Herbie Hancock Trio. They yearned for new styles and perfect interpretation, and it was this desire that connected Hancock, Holland and Jackson and made their shows unforgettable. From the 1996 the trio has changed to the quartet with Craig Handy, the tenor-saxophonist. To the year 2000, the quartet had played all over the world, from Europe to Asia. In that time, Gene was also a member of The Mingus Band or Robin Eubanks Mental Images Group.

A lattest success of his phenomenal carrier was the tour around the Germany and West Europe. He has travelled through the Italy with Antonio Farae, and also Switzerland and France with The Mingus Band. His most fruitful CDs were recorder in Cologne with Stafford James and Alex Sipiagen.

The Czech Republic has appealed to Mr. Jackson a lot – he already played with Ondřej Štveráček last year, and this year will be very special for every fan of a good music. Reduta Jazz Club, one of the greatest European jazz clubs, is just the right place for such launch, and it will be the top of the Jackson’s tour in the Czech Republic.


International jazz trio MUH is back once again, playing their classical, elegant and stylish compositions. You will hear songs from their album „Prague After Dark“, made in Reduta Jazz Club, but also brand new compositions of every member.

The Magris-Uhlíř-Helešic Trio is a very well known band and both critiques and listeners acknowledge their musical harmony and talent.
Roberto Magris (1959) is an Italian pianist and composer, highly appreciated for his live shows all arend the world, from Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood, The Blue Room in Kansas City, Montreal Jazz Festival, San Sebastian Jazz Festival or Galway Jazz Festival. In the present day, he is a musical director and one of the most prominent musicians of „JMood Records,“ one of the highly regarded jazz publishing houses. He has also recorded twelve CDs for this label with real legends, like Art Davis, Albert „Toothie“ Heath, Idris Muhammad or Sam Reed.
František Uhlíř (1950) used to be a member of the best Czech jazz bands, from SHQ of Karel Velebný or Baroque Jazz Q, to bands of Emil Viklický. In 1987, he has established his own band, „FUT – František Uhlíř Team.“ This band has became one of the most prominent contemporary jazz formation, and also introduced Uhlíř’s unique double-bass style to the world.
Uhlíř has also collaborated with many internationally renowned names, such as East-West Connection, Europlane Orchestra, D. Weckle, B. Moses, P. Woods, S. Constanze or J. Newman. This Paganini of double-bass has recorded 25 CDs as a sideman, and has also recorded his third own CD.
Jaromír Helešic (1947) has played as a drummer in the innovative Czechoslovakian music project (Jazz Half Sextet, Jazz Nova), until he found himself in the Jazz Sanatorium of Luděk Hulan. From the 70s, he is considered to be one of the best Czech drummers (he used to be a member of Impuls, Energit of L. Andršt, Jazz Q, or Prague Big Band of Milan Svoboda).


Solivan has made a name for herself as a hard swinging, passionate vocalist who has a commanding stage presence and is able to captivate audiences with her joyous exuberance and whit. Having performed and recorded with the likes of Christian McBride, Peter Bernstein, Jeremy Pelt, Bruce Barth, Gregory Hutchinson, Jonathan Blake, Xavier Davis, Michael Kanan, Steve Wilson, Gene Bertoncini and Lewis Nash, Solivan has been consistently raising the bar for singers of her generation.

Jordan Richardson at Blinded by Sound concludes "The exquisiteness, expression and sentiment of her singing are supreme. She is well beyond the go-through-the-motions singers of the genre by an enormous margin."

In 2007 Solivan made the move to New York and began to sit in at many of the jam sessions the city has to offer. Smoke Supper Club was her first consistent "hang" and a venue that led to many of her later musical collaborations with Jeremy Pelt, Ugonna Okegwo, and others. Being a part of the scene has been a big part of the learning process and has been the catalyst for musical collaborations with Peter Bernstein, Steve Wilson and Lewis Nash. This visibility and consistency on the bandstand opened doors for gigs at the famed Smalls Jazz Club, Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola, Birdland, The Blue Note, and many others. And have led her to become one of the first call singers on the scene. Later, she has jumped into the big band arena, being unique as the only contemporary female vocalist leading big band.

In Reduta, she will play together with Walter Fischbacher, the man of many jazz faces, master of piano and electric piano and leading figure of Austrian jazz.

Wynton Marsalis, nine times Grammy winner and a first jazzman who obtained Pulitzer's Price, has played in Reduta! The audience of a concert at 20th June was astonished. Mr. Viklický has brought a very special guest for his concert, one of the most genuine trumpeters, composers and lecturers, considered to be the most influential contemporary jazzman - Wynton Marsalis. Another special guest was the co-player of Mr. Marsalis, amazing trumpeter Marcus Printup. The harmony of Marsalis's and Viklický's band was truly unique. We are sure that the concert has instanty become a part of the history of Reduta and jazz itself, such as other concerts in Reduta - of Cecil Taylor, Enrico Rava, or Chris Barber.





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