How does booking work?

Booking without purchasing tickets does not guarantee subsequent seating in the club.

What are the opening hours?

Reduta's booking office is open at working days from 9:00am, on Saturday and Sunday from 5:00pm, the bar is opened every day from 7:00pm. The beginning of the concert varies during the year. An evening concerts usually starts at 9:30pm or 10:00pm, an afternoon at 7:00pm, or 7:30pm. Topical issues can be find at the Concerts Tab.

How and when can I buy the tickets?

The tickets can be purchased directly in the club, at working days from 9:00am, on Saturday from 4:00pm, and on Sunday from 5:00pm. It is possible to buy them online via the tickets selling portals, like GoOut, Ticketportal, Ticketpro, Bohemia Ticket or Via Musica. The purchase of your ticket via selling portal guarantees your seat.

What is a price of the ticket?

Regular ticket: 440,-
Reduta ZONE: 550,-
VIP ticket: 790,-
SUPER VIP ticket: 990,-
* you can find the differences between individual types of tickets in the FAQ below.
* prices may vary depending on the type of event.

What is the difference between normal, VIP and SUPER VIP ticket?

1) Regular ticket: provides entry to the event of your choice at the Reduta Jazz Club. You can sit anywhere outside the VIP sectors, we recommend booking your seats in advance.

2) REDuta ZONE: provides entry to the event of your choice at the Reduta Jazz Club. Prestigious RED ZONE (intimate) places will be automatically reserved for you, where you will have more privacy and less contact with other visitors. Recommended for couples, the total capacity of RED ZONE is only 8 places.

3) VIP ticket: provides entry to the event of your choice at Reduta Jazz Club - ADVANTAGES: - seating in the best (front) seats in the hall, where the rarest guests and VIP celebrities often sit (these include, for example, top representatives of states or top international of trade and culture, in the past Bill Clinton, Václav Havel, Václav Klaus, Madeleine Albright and many others sat here) - WELCOME DRINK in the form of an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink - souvenirs (depending on the type of event)

4) SUPER VIP ticket: provides entry to the event of your choice at the Reduta Jazz Club - ADVANTAGES: - same as VIP ticket - a whole bottle of sparkling wine instead of WELCOME DRINK - a song dedicated to the SUPER VIP guest.

Do we provide a discount for students, elders and disabled?

Discounted entrance fee
Please notify us in advance if you are eligible for discounted admission. Later claims cannot be considered.
0-5 years (inclusive) - free
6 years - 14 years (inclusive) - 30%
15 - 69 (inclusive) - full price
70 + - 30%
Eligibility for the discount must be proved on joining the club with any valid proof of ID, e.g. ID card.

Is it possible to get a non-biding reservation of my seat?

A non-biding reservation is possible only for the tickets that cost less than 350 Czk. You can order them via phone at the number Nezávazné rezervace míst umožňujeme pouze u vstupenek levnějších než 350 Kč. Vyřídit je lze buď telefonicky na čísle +420 224 933 487 anebo e-mailem na adrese info@redutajazzclub.cz. Nezávazně rezervované vstupenky je však nutné vyzvednout na pokladně minimálně půl hodiny před začátkem koncertu. V opačném případě budou automaticky stornovány.

Is your club wheelchair accessible?

Our club is not wheelchair accessible, but only a few steps head to the jazz hall. The staff of Reduta will gladly help you.

Can I choose my seats?

The seating for regular tickets will be placed by the manager. If you purchase VIP tickets, the best seats in the club will be placed for you.

Does Reduta Jazz Club keep a dresscode?

You can come dressed as you like. But we ask you to leave your jackets and bags in the cloakroom, the space in our club is limited.

Is your club air-conditioned?

Yes, our club is fully air-conditioned, in the jazz hal and also in the theatre.

Is it possible to smoke?

Our club is fully non-smoking, because of the new legislation at May 2017. Also, no tobacco products can be purchased in a Saxophone Bar.

Can I get an access to the free wi-fi?

You can connect with free wi-fi by the redutajazzclub-free. In case of any inconveniences, please contact our managers, they will gladly assist you.

Is it possible to buy refreshments in the bar?

We don't sell proper food, but you can buy chips or allmonds. A huge variety of the drinks, from non-alcoholic to delicious wine, beer, spirits and cocktails.

Is it possible to take pictures and recordings?

We are happy to know that you adore our concerts. So please, take pictures and recordings, and we will be happy to see them on Facebook or any other social networks. You can also send them to our staff via Facebook or e-mail.

How old I have to be to enter Reduta?

There is no limit for jazz fans, children under age 6 are for free. But most of the shows end after midnight.

What are the benefits of Reduta Club CardCo mi přinese klubová karta Reduta Club Card?

Reduta Club Card is a special card, providing 30% discounts for concerts and 10% discount in a bar. The price is 100 Czk.

How can I purchase a ticket to the Reduta Theatre?

You can buy the tickets in our cash booking office. For Improvariations, you can purchase the tickets via GoOut.



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